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Several portfolios

(Dumenieu) #1

I would like to have several portfolios.
That seems not possible.
But it could be very useful !!
for instance I dont want to showcase ALL my folders together.
I would prefer to send a portfolio link to some friends,
and another one to other public.

Am I clear ??

I dont think that customization could solve my problem. Scuse by advance if I am wrong
why not also

Are playlists still working?


We don't have anything like this planned for the .me portfolio.

You could do it with Playlists

For example:

(Dumenieu) #3

yessss..playlists!! and it is why I wanted to have them working , and now it is ok ,.thanx

Anyways , sketchfab could think about my arguements in future..


Definitely. We're good listeners :smile: