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SF Feature Request For Teams

(Jon Russell) #1


Using SF from a teams perspective, I would like to request:

A search box - to search for models in your own library.

Bulk actions - e.g. change all model background to a specified colour or image etc. Useful if wanting to put your own logo in the background.

User Privileges - So that certain users can setup models without having all the admin rights. Currently there are other guys in my team modelling and I have to setup every model, its pretty time consuming.

Bulk model info download - SF Model ID, URL, Model Name, File Size, last revision etc. That way it is easier to see what models need to be updated.

Annotation download - download all annotation text and headers etc. (very useful because when models are re-uploaded the annotations sometimes disappear…).

Model performance tool - check how long it takes for a model to load. I know google has a free page speed tester which lets you know how long a page takes to load, maybe something similar could be developed by SF?

Push - Should be able to ‘push’ models from google drive to SF, or use other common organisational tools with SF (such as Asana and Slack).

Might just be me having a rant, but those few items would make my life a lot easier!

Keep up the good work!


Thanks for all the feedback! A few of these things are definitely on our todo list already. I’ve added everything to our feature request tracker.