Shadeless Materials

(Alvarows) #1

Hi, before anything, I really love sketchfab, great work with your page!

Alright, my concern atm is that there should be an option to make one or several obects-maps, shadeless, instead of just making the entire scene shadeless. It would be very handy for lots of things, specially, domes.

Thanks for reading,and again thanks for this great idea that is sketchfab.


Hey, thanks for the feedback!

There is an Environmental Reflection setting, as well as general Specular settings, for each object/mesh/material in the scene, so I imagine you could get pretty close with that?

As we improve our Material Editor and lighting features, things like this will be easier to do.

(Alvarows) #3

As a first thought, yeah you could try to get close with that but the object is still getting information from light sources, so they will reflect light anyway. In this case, for a dome, that isnt practical, and depending on the setup you did on the scene, the dome can reflect the lamp at a point that it ends up looking like you have two suns, on opposite directions. (I just suffered from this haha)

My solution at first was like you said, I turned off specular, env reflection but still I had the reflection from the lamp. So the only solution I had atm was changing the map, and turning on emission to avoid a major interaction with other light sources.

I read about you are working on a better material editor, thats really nice. Anyway I just posted this because if it has an easy and fast solution to be implemented, it would be really cool to have it.

Thanks for answering this fast!

(Wtr) #4

I have a baked scene in 3ds max with corona, I want to use shadeless but still be able to use specular reflections on the glass of the ambient without it affecting the lighting of the model. While I could disable the shadows the hdri still influences the look of the model. How to have it shadeless and still be able to access speculars of materials(they are disabled in shadeless)?


There are some workarounds to fake shadeless mode on parts of the model while remaining in Lit mode so that you can take advantage of reflections, etc. on other parts of the model. If I remember correctly, this model duplicates the diffuse colors in the emissive channel at 100%. You can check using the Inspector.

And here’s the accompanying blog post: