Shader that simulates sketchfab in max?


(Adamcrockett) #1

I'm trying to find a directx shader that simulates what you will see in sketchfab right in a 3ds max viewport in real time. Has anyone published something like that?


Hmm. Interesting. @cedric @klaasnienhuis

(Klaasnienhuis) #3

Looks like the new stingray directx shader in 3dsMax 2016 fits the bill.
And I've also seen this shader:

(Adamcrockett) #4

thanks @klaasnienhuis. I'll give those a look.

(Adamcrockett) #5

Those are ok, but I found this guy's stuff. It's a little more full featured, though still missing a few things that sketchfab has.

(Cedric) #6

Very interesting, If you need informations about shaders we are using. We can provide those informations. That would be great to have similar rendering and publish the result the same as the 3dsmax viewport.
Our shaders are based on UE4 PBR.

(Klaasnienhuis) #7

Maybe @adamcrockett is not only looking for the looks of the shaders but also the post processing and realtime shadows.

(Adamcrockett) #9

That would be cool. It's good to know its based on the ue4 pbr, as I'm sure someone out there has made directx shaders for max based on ue4 pbr, I wish I could plug in, matrix style, and learn how to do that. Coding has never been my forte.

Full disclosure, I don't have max 2016 so I can't look at the stingray shader.

The stuff I'd like to see in max are a shader with 3 light sources, and the environment maps. Spec/metallic workflow, variable UV coordinates, and the cavity maps. I don't really use the post processing a lot.