Shadow of Mordor / Warcraft inspired Orc


(Scottstrachan) #1

My first ever complete 3D model, inspired by the orcs of Shadow of Mordor, Warcraft, and Lord of the rings.

I tried to upload the SketchFab model to the forum but wasnt sure how to do it.

The model, as well as pics, can be found here;

I'd love to hear your feedback :slight_smile:

(Dark Minaz) #2

just drop the link :slight_smile:
looks fine from the sculpting perspective. id add a bit more colors to really bring out a sort of personality.

also especially in shadow of mordor (my fav orc game)

they had a lot of unique armor that really made each guy special :slight_smile:

(Scottstrachan) #3

Thanks I really appreciate the advice!

I was fairly limited by what textures I could add as I used zBrush Core so the polypaint feature isnt great. I'm learning Substance Painter now, so hopefully in the near future I can really bring out some detail and personality.

As for armour and clothing, I'm also still learning how to add them onto my models.

This is literally my first full model, so I'm very much a newbie! :smiley: