Shadows don't work anymore on iOS


(Gabrielefx) #1

Today on my iPad Pro I noticed that all my models don't have rt shadows anymore.
What's happened??

On my Samsung Galaxy S6 I have the shadows on...That's incredible...


(Paul Sketch) #2

(Gabrielefx) #3

This is really sad.
You spoke with Apple iOS developers? Why a so less powerful Samsung phone is better than my over 1200€ iPad Pro?
It's strange because on iOS there are a lot of games that uses rt shadows.
Is it an Ax gpu limit? You implemented Metal?

I can't understand...

(Paul Sketch) #4

it's a sad software IOS+Safari strategy decision for webGL.

All IOS HW regardless of age gives same results of 8 max texture
( check for instance)

(we don't have direct access to metal, nor HW from inside the safari browser.)

( Note that you also have animation limitation on iOS : )

(Gabrielefx) #5

do you think that Apple could change this in the future?
I don't know if it's an iOS or hardware limitation...
I will investigate.

Do I have the same problem on Samsung tablets?
I want to embed your engine within a presentation software that supports html 5 pages.
What's the best tablet to run Sketchfab 3d models? Surface Pro 4?

(Paul Sketch) #6

Knowing Apple future decision is a bit like divination... no hint whatsoever there.
It's a software limitation, the HW does have the necessary information :

Most android tablet doesn't have the problem (like an old nexus 7 2013 works), but as always the newer the better.
Surface Pro 4 should be ok.
Any "nvidia gpu" based tablet might give you the most powerfull CPU/GPU combination.