Shadows / lighting issue on my animated scene

Hi there,

I’m getting a weird lighting on my animated character (but not on the other objects that are animated as well). I tried to play with the light and with the orientation of the HDR map but I can not get rid of the black shadows… Any idea what’s going on?

Thx for the help

The normals are inverted at the black part, check with model inspector, “show vertex normal”

Damn… you are right… but in my Maya scene, they are good

How can I resolve it if there is nothing wrong with my scene? Is there a specific option to check in in my FBX import windows?


Did you use a mirror modifier or something similar that would have left stitch with a non-uniform scale transform? (e.g. [-1, 1, 1]) ? If you apply all transformations and modifiers, it might help.

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Found the issue !!!

It was a bad option checked


All good now!!



Ah nice! Maybe this could be useful for other artists, I’ll keep it in mind.