Shadows on model appear broken but look fine while in edit mode


(Pipann) #1

Hi Comm! First topic here, here with a small issue o/

I uploaded this model yesterday and you may notice the shadows look very awkward/reversed on it. I’ve had several friends confirm this for me that they see the same thing, so I’m assuming it’s not just my system/browser or anything (I use Firefox, by the way). When I open it in my 3D settings it looks fine, displayed here:

I’ve already checked if any normals are flipped, but they aren’t the issue either.

A small change to the rendering or opacity fixes the shading but only for a short moment, before the bug starts showing up again. Is this a known problem? And is there a definitive solution to it?

Thanks for answering upfront!


Update: I have removed the normal mapping for the time being, and that seems to have fixed the issue for the moment, so perhaps it is a rendering problem with the normals? I’d love to hear about this.


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