Shadows problem

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I created a "gabare". but there is no shade.

Gabare by fan3d on Sketchfab

A little research I found that if I put it on her own (without the river) that works.

test by fan3d on Sketchfab

if I add the bottom of the river, no shade

test by fan3d on Sketchfab

if I add the water surface, no shadow

test by fan3d on Sketchfab

Does anyone have an idea ?
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Hmm, maybe the river is too big and messes up the scale of the shadows. @paul_sketch @stephomi ?

(Paul Sketch) #3

Yes, it's the relative scale of the river against the boat that makes the shadow detail very very small (imperceptible here.)
The smaller the scene the better the shadow as computation will be more precise.

If possible, solving this would mean "cut" the river "smaller" around the boat.
(or bake the shadow in your offline 3D tool/software if shadow are static anyway)

(Hdvdeargentina) #4

I think it depends on the occupied surface, calculated in real time. I have an animation of a guy running away from another guy (this one is not moving) and you can see how the shadow loses resolution according to the distance.

You got a new follower... literally. by hdvdeargentina on Sketchfab

Check the shadow in the purple guy.


@hdvdeargentina - Nice, that's a great example.

(Fan3d) #6

thank you very much, it works, and thanks hdvdeargentina for explanation.
Fortunately, despite the expansion of the universe, our shadows (real) remain in good resolution. :smile: