ShannonGalSilver #3December Entries :)


(Shannon Gal Silver) #1

I’m super excited to participate, I love monthly challenges! :slight_smile:
Lets do this!

(Shannon Gal Silver) #2

Day 1 Winter Coat complete!
I’m actually quite happy with how my coat came out. I wish it would stay coat season for a little while longer.

(Shannon Gal Silver) #3

Day 2 all done!
I just really wanted to do a lil animation on this one, and it turned out pretty cute!

(Shannon Gal Silver) #4

Day 3! Yay!
I played around with a style i’ve been itching to try for a while. I’m pleased with the results

(Shannon Gal Silver) #5

I honestly don’t think i’ve ever tried or had the desire to try fruitcake :smile: