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Shaolin Temple-3d models for games


(T2dstudio) #1

Hi guys !
This is a general that we completed in recent times. We have tried to design him in many levels from simple to complex, and this is one of those level. Do that yourself liked, that great, although it has yet to be imperfect. Please give us any comments, advices for improve ourselves more.
Thanks !

(Shaderbytes) #2

looking great so far , are the hard edges on the lower legs and shirt sleeve ends intended?

Are you going to do a 3d model of each of the concepts you posted above?

chat soon

(T2dstudio) #3

Hi Shaderbytes !
Sorry , I was having problems with groups smooth of my model. this is the results after I fix it. Thanks for your comments . I will do 3d models for each sample the our concept

(T2dstudio) #4

update 8/28

(Nomadking) #5

Nice work so far, I look forward to seeing each of your armor concepts come to life :slight_smile:

(T2dstudio) #6

Hi nomadking. we're glad that u like it. We'll update our work soon. Thanks u.

(T2dstudio) #7

Sorry for the delay . Here are our 02 verssion

(T2dstudio) #8

update 9/20/2016