Shape Keys in FBX export (Blender) dont work


(Kirill) #1

Model URL:

Operating System: w10

Software: Blender

Description of problem:

I am trying to upload a model with animations and most of it works perfect. However, the shape key animations don't seem to work at all.
The Shape keys have Drivers in the armature and animated within the same actions as the regular bone animations.
I am not sure if the problem is on Sketchfab or in the way I export FBX file.

Some screenshots:
Example of applied shape keys

The Shape key drivers

FBX export settings

I hope the information is sufficient! Thank you for your help in advance.

Issues with scaling animations & shape-key drivers
(Kirill) #2

Nevermind, fixed by using newer FBX version.

Hobobot by Kirill Adamenya on Sketchfab

(Mrchlblng) #3

Hey @kirilladamenya,

nice you got your morph animation to be exported which seems to always be a bit cumbersome in blender.
Note that we just released native blender animation support. We're still improving this but it should be more robust and easier to use than exporting fbx from blender!
Please let us know if you have some questions/remarks about this

(Gilles38) #4

Hi @kirilladamenya,

Do you mean that the latest FBX exporter in Blender just solved the problem ?
I have exported a short animation the same way you did. My FBX file is working OK with the Autodesk FBX viewer but not under Sketchfab. Same thing with the .blend file uploaded directly.
Did you try uploading your .blend file directly ?
In all case I would love having your workflow for exporting as FBX from Blender.
Thank you

(Tdw46) #5

Did you ever get this to work??

(Gilles38) #6

Hello @tdw46,
to make a long story short: no.
My rig is probably a bit complex and/or some modifiers are probably messing the whole thing.
I am now exporting as Alembic from Blender. May not be as good as FBX but much much much simpler as it deals with meshes only.
Hope this helps.

(Shaderbytes) #7

ive had a few fbx exports from blender not work well on sketchfab , but if i import the .blend it works. But really only a few. The same model fbx is tested in unity and it imports correctly also imported into blank blender project and it is fine but for some reason some vertex weights get messed up on sketchfab when using fbx . The issue cant always be fixed by importing the .blend itself. im not sure if they ever fixed this.