SHARE FILES with another Sketchfab Account

(Da Chen) #1

Are there any possibility to share a file with another account?
I mean, I want to upload a products into my account and I want that my same product are visible into another account, without upload the same product again. Thanks!



It’s not possible at the moment. What is the use case?

(Aleahy) #3

I have a use-case with student 3d designers who work in small teams. Where one may do the Solidwork modelling and upload to their sketchfab a/c make sure it’s basically okay. And then handover to another student to tweak materials & textures in the sketchfab 3D Settings for display on a big screen or for interaction on a desktop (eg. add annotations). And yet another student will use the same model in AR/VR - and want to change a bunch of the 3D settings (replace the background scene).

Basically sketchfab is becoming part of their tooling. And having to download/re-upload and then re-do/duplicate a bunch of sketchfab “stuff” is a pain. Being able to download/upload the ‘sketchfab version’ of the model might also work.