Share free online 3D creation tools

Starting a thread to share free, online 3D creation tools, generators and similar!

Sometimes (and especially for Sketchfab beginners) the creative process can be a roadblock to exploring what the Sketchfab platform can do - let’s signpost free online 3D tools that require 0 knowledge of 3D and coding etc. to use.

Please feel free to throw your own apps and links into this thread, in addition to being free, the tool or app should not require email login.

BONUS: For more inspiration and examples from offline tools, check out this collection from Sketchfab 3D Developer Paul


First up from me is Medieval Fantasy City Generator.

The following model was created using
and This video shows how to download the OBJ

(I also used a little bit of Blender to bring the map image + OBJ together)


One more while I’m here - Elevation API

Just select a rectangle on a map, choose some options and BOOM you have a 3D map:

Even better, this tool can export directly to Sketchafab!

More info on that in this API Spotlight article on the Sketchfab Blog

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OK one more today: Sculptfab (caveat: this one does require some 3D skill, but it is free!)

A surprisingly versatile 3D sculpting tool right in your browser:

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This tool takes a little more work to set up and run, PIFuHD: Multi-Level Pixel-Aligned Implicit Function for High-Resolution 3D Human Digitization by University of Southern California / Facebook Reality Labs / Facebook AI Research turns 2D images of people into 3D models.


I tried a running a bunch of historic images through it with mixed results :slight_smile:

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Not exactly a 3D tool, but free on-line version of photoshop:
Perhaps for texture editing etc.

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Not 3D, but very useful for 3D. Something like CrazyBump but online and free.

This tool lets you create Normal, AO, Displacement and Specular maps from an image.