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Hayden_Gray used the model Ford Model B Pickup (1932) by Voronin_37 (licensed under Creative Commons Attribution) in the creation of his video Beach Environment - Cycles X.


Cinematic Environment Artist @ Epic Games Alec Tucker
has used multiple Sketchfab 3D models in his latest video (see video credits for details)


In this Blender tutorial, Karim Joseph discusses his original studio photo-shoot and how he used free Sketchfab models and the free MB-LAB add-on to create the final composite. He shares some useful tips along the way, including for the upcoming Blender 3.0. This personal compositing exercise is inspired by the expendables movie posters designed by Ignition & LA.

The video description does a great job of giving every creator due credit :sparkles:

Sketchfab models credits, click on the links for the individual models licenses:
“Sword” ( by minghauLoh
“medieval sword” ( by LowSeb
“Bastard Sword” ( by avhatar
“Saw Bidenhänder Sword” ( by iceboxX708
“Damascus Sword” ( by Psychloor
“Sword” ( by vishnevsky.yaroslav
“Saw Cut Sword” ( by iceboxX708
“Zweihänder sword” ( by Lisov1k
“Sword” ( by hoschu
“Old Sword” ( by em_kei
“Medieval Sword” ( by m4rcu5j4ck50n
“Bastard sword” ( by Aren Boada
“Long Sword” ( by FlukierJupiter
“Two handed Sword” ( by Brendan Vermeltfoort
“Zweihander Sword Game Model” ( by Michael Makivic
“Medieval Knight’s Long Sword” ( by Hossam
“Medieval short sword (worn)” ( by reddification
“M16 A2 Rifle” ( by Luchador
“m4 Carbine Rifle” ( by Pieter Ferreira
“Battle Rifle” ( by DJMaesen
“Shotgun” ( by DJMaesen
“Remington 870 Shotgun” ( by Urpo
“Huntsman Knife” ( by Lucas Lauer Gallo
“M9 Bayonet knife” ( by Michael Karel
“military knife(WIP)” ( by masterdome
“HK MP5 (9mm submachine gun)” ( by quick_loop
“Desert Eagle” ( by ELIZION
“Colt Python” ( by minhdaow
“Colt 1911” ( by Warkarma
“Glock 17 Gen4 (Free)” ( by Ziperi
“Adaptive Combat Rifle” ( by doomsentinel
“AK74M Assault Rifle” ( by creationwasteland
“steampunk mechanical wings” ( by rajath98
CC Attribution: About The Licenses - Creative Commons
CC Attribution-ShareAlike : About The Licenses - Creative Commons

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Stratasys used Quad version Pumpkin by Mieke Roth, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution in this halloween promotion.


The game Inscryption on Steam uses a lot of 3D assets from Sketchfab and does a great job of artist attribution in the credits :clap::clap::clap:

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This video tutorial by Kaizen Tutorials uses (FREE) 1972 Datsun 240k GT by Karol Miklas, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike


3D artist Miettinen Jesse used the following optimised model in their video render demo of embergen

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3D Models used

»Rustic Punching bag« by SleeplessDuck

»Old Stool« by Warkarma

»Boxing Glove« by Pedro Perim

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Attribution in description on Artstation

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Lighting and compositing study for production, Blender/Nuke ACES workflow. Rendered 36 samples, OpenImageDenoiser. Goal is to achieve seamless integration with efficient render time. Assets are from Malopolska’s Virtual Museum. Had some issues matching color and roughness with plate references. Critics and sugestions are very welcome.

Asset 01:
Asset 02:

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“Futatsugoya Tunnel “Abandoned road” japan” ( by Fuji is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

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“Origami Animals from Low-Poly Models and MOPs” by

Low-Poly Arctic Fox model credit to Lilly! from Sketchfab.

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WebXR experiment by Ian Curtis

Sketchfab model that was used is the Colossal marble bust of Zeus" ( by The British Museum. Then was manipulated in Blender.

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Rudy and the smokey teepee by Denis Gauder is made with:

Pipe by Helsingr is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.
Medieval Open Book 1 by J0Y is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.
クリ 栗 Japanese Common Chestnut, Castanea crenata by / is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.
Rutpela maculata by Digital Archive of Natural History (DiNArDa) is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.

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The big bad black knight by Denis Gauder

CC0 Sketchfab models used:

“EggMan28 has made it possible to fly my 3d Modeled ship, Porco Rosso’s Savio 1 in Microsoft Flying Simulator. I modeled Savio month ago with using Blender and someone just made it possible to fly, all thanks to Sketchfab”

Porco Rosso • Savioa S.21 by olcaytoibili is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial.

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This video by All The Works features Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel by artfletch, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.

Temple of Zeus at Olympia by tonilled features:

Zeus Statue: Zeus Statue by Mariano Oliva
Incense Burner: Incense Burner by Allard Pierson
People: CODAME (@codame) - Sketchfab

The Essence by Benkroft uses Crystal Crab by Maria Stashko, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.