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Animation by Todor (CGDrive) uses Flamethrower Drone by Jonas Prunskus, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.

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World’s Largest CG Challenge | Infinite Journeys | VFX Breakdown by Arturo J. Real shows some nice reuse of these 3D models:

Renders by Vishesh (V) Srivastava uses Golden eagle by Virtual Museums of Małopolska, dedicated to the public domain via CC0.

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Vishesh (V) has used Mar Saba monastery by matousekfoto, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial in the Unreal Engine renders.

Dielectric + Scattering uses Mandarin Scan by Franco Pizzani is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution

I like this one :slight_smile:

Viausal artist Dissapointer has used Cash register with a counting machine by Virtual Museums of Małopolska (CC0 public domain) to create this photobash.

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CG Obaid used several free downloads in his video I made my Own Metaverse but Utopian (using Blender)

Attribution to 3d models used in the animation:





3D artist EssentialE3D uses Woolwich Gun Battery by artfletch, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution in this remix timelapse

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Instagram user arts.from.hil has used several Sketchfab models in these renders

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Instagram user has used a couple of Sketchfab 3D models in their renders:

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This render by joaulo uses several Sketchfab 3D models:

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Digital artist Daniel Liang used 1972.158 Pair of Guardian Kings (Nio) by Cleveland Museum of Art, dedicated to public domain under CC0.

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Handmade & Generative Artist Purz used a Skethcfab model in their render:

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These renders by Cairo Goodbrand use several Sketchfab 3D models:

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This render by NASA JPLRobotics Viz Engineer Garrett Johnson uses the following model:

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This post from Metascaper features the following Sketchfab model:

Another Twinmotion render, this time by sena_day featuring the following Sketchfab 3D models:


original post on instagram has used several Sketchfab 3D models in these Twinmoton renders:

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