Share your Nintendo fan art here!

(Alban) #11

Ok so I'm preparing something just for this thread:)

(Alban) #12

So here you go, I just 3D scanned the gameboy I did in marqueterie smile

Wooden Marqueterie gameboy by alban on Sketchfab

(Pick94) #13

Hello everybody, here is two of my 3D creations!
For those who love Zelda The Wind Waker and also Pokémon series.. smile

Link Zelda The Wind Waker by Pierrick LE TEXIER on Sketchfab

Pokémon Team by Pierrick LE TEXIER on Sketchfab

(Glenatron) #15

Some sick stuff on here already!

I just finished this off yesterday, so ace timing. I love Luigi's Mansion, and I love Resi Evil, so made a Nintendo-ey mashup.

Luigi's Mansion x Resident Evil
by glenatron
on Sketchfab

Luigi's Mansion x Resident Evil by glenatron on Sketchfab

(Bart) #16

@glenatron that model is just SO awesome. It wasn't until I zoomed out that I really appreciated how much detail you put in!

(Brenly) #17

Hello guys .. here is a childhood favorite Nintendo game of mine.

VG remix_Octopus by brenly on Sketchfab

[Updated by @bartv to properly display the embed]

(Rennau) #19

Hi there!
This is my model of Luigi with a koopa's shell back pack.

Luigi koopa shell back pack by rennau on Sketchfab

(Bart) unpinned #20

(King Jion) #21

I was browsing around Deviant-art and saw an amazing drawing of Peach done in the wind waker style. And it inspired me to make this.

The Legend Of Peach by King-Jion on Sketchfab

(Han) #22

charmeleon by Hannes Delbeke on Sketchfab

(Kokusho) #23

Here's some of mine.

Dancing Girl from Fire Emblem If by Yann on Sketchfab

-Fi- The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword by Yann on Sketchfab

(Johnstone) #24

Hi there!
Nice to see some video game memorabilia. I just finished this 3d model and I hope is OK to posted here. This is not a Nintendo machine, but also a video game from the '90 with tons of fans. The Neo-Geo. They were popular at the arcades around the time the NES came out.

Neo-Geo Arcade Cabinet by Johnstone Barrios on Sketchfab

(Fongoose) #25

Bulba Bulba ^^

Bulbasaur by fongoose on Sketchfab

(Domb3026) #26

Gyarados by Dominic Browne on Sketchfab

(Zombit) #27

King Dedede's Hammer by zombit on Sketchfab

(Harold) #28

I wanted to share my remake of a level from Super Mario 64
It might not be perfect but i am proud of it! Hope you like it

Bowser in the Sky by harold on Sketchfab

(Ssergit) #29

Let's liven up this thread again! :slight_smile:

Here is my Nintendo fan art, featuring a lot of Yoshi's!

(Dark Minaz) #30

didn't know this thread was a thing :smiley:
so here is mine
the new nintendo switch

and a little nintendo fishtank :smiley:

and quite a bit older

(Ryan Don) #31

Just two of my zelda related models, from phantom hourglass and the latest breath of the wild :slight_smile:

(Juanchodeth) #32

Just an old Star Fox interpretation model i did.