Shared Model is blurry / Low Res


(Glanville Consultants) #1


Having a problem with the model I have uploaded.
Said model has been uploaded and when previewing it my self and on other machines with the company once loaded the Model is clear as a bell.
I have shared out this model and the person I have share it with shows me it is blurry and unusable.

Any suggestion on a fix
Model Link ...

(Aaronopenshaw) #2

Your model is password protected. I find sometimes in takes a while for my models to fully load. A temporary blurred version appears. On the top of the frame you can see a blue load bar increasing until the full definition view loads up. Some of my models load up as LD (low definition) and need to changed to HD in the settings. Cheers Aaron

(Mrchlblng) #3

We indeed preload a low resolution texture (32x32) to have a very preview for all models. This can be confusing, especially when having lot of/big textures.

We provide some embed options to prevent this behavior; by appending ?preload=1 to the URL will make the viewer wait for full resolution textures to be downloaded before displaying anything.