Sharing Photogrammerty 3D image

(Toddvg) #1

I am just starting to play around with 3D modeling from pictures taken with my Drone.

My major concern when choosing a program is “will I be able to share the image and will it be interactive?”

Looking for some input from anyone, and I would like to use Opensource if possible.

(Nebulousflynn) #2

HI @Toddvg

Meshroom is an open source piece of photogrammetry software that can process an image set into a fully 3D model. Other (non-open source) options are Metashape, RealityCapture and 3DF Zephyr.

You can export your 3D model and upload to it your Sketchfab profile to share an interactive 3D model anywhere online.

(Michal Zurawski) #3

I’m not sure if you understand what the photogrammetry is. I advise you to start with reading some basic. I don’t know how to answers your question because i don’t get it. If you want to produce orthographic map, so single image from many photos, you can do it. If you want to share it, you can send it by e-mail… for an example. But this is not functionality of the photogrammetry software. There is many viewers for maps with different functionality, so it can be interactive but again, this is not the photogrammetry software functionality. You can produce the image in JPG format, so file generated in photogrammetry software can be shared and is interactive as any JPG file.