Sharing shortcut

Hi, this is my first post into the forum so apologies if it is directed to the wrong location.

Is there a way to access the share link without having to actually load the model? It would be ideal if you can hover over the settings icon in the right hand corner and select copy share link instead of having to click on the model.

I have also had no success sharing a collection with my clients.


No problem, this is a great place to ask for help!

You can right-click and copy the model URL from the link in you profile or gallery page:

Looks like most of your collections are full of private models? At the moment, we don’t have collection-level privacy, so sharing the link to it won’t work for other users. This is something we plan to address in the future.

Great, thanks for that.This will save a load of time.

That would be great if we could share a collection as I take a number of models of one area that I have to share with clients.


I’ll add your ‘+1’ to the collection-level privacy feature request and follow up with any news.

One workaround for now is to create a Playlist link from a list of model UIDs. See the end of this article: