Sheen effect with firefox for android

Hello ,
I don’t see the shine effect with Firefox for android but I see it with Chrome .
( example : rainbow 2 - Download Free 3D model by moroplogo [976dc2d] - Sketchfab )
Do you know how to resolve this problem ?

By ‘shine effect’ what do you mean exactly?

I think the model looks the same for me in Chrome/Firefox on my Pixel 6a



It might be worth checking webGL support for your browsers:

Sorry @nebulousflynn I wanted to say Sheen effect instead of Shine ( ).
But even if I use a simple light or Environnement light and without Sheen and even if I use Matcap instead of PBR, I see only Wireframe .
I post the WebGL Report about my phone :

WebGL 1 :

WebGL2 :

Thanks, can you also share a screenshot of what you see of your model in Firefox?

With Firefox all is Black

We can see wireframe (here it is red)

With Chrome is good

Another example with this model :

(I have the same problem with Firefox Nightly )

— With Chrome :

— And with Firefox for Android:

— And with Firefox and wireframe :

There are many similar topics about this problem :

So it seems to be a problem between samsung and firefox.

Below some examples of report bug :

Thanks @moroplogo - that’s all useful info.

I’m now out of my depth now so I’m going to ping our dev team about this :+1: