SheepShape's #3December Thread

(Lilly Tran) #1

Hello world!

As always, finals are a great motivator to do literally anything other than coursework eheh. Looking forward to this challenge to get out of my comfort zone, and here’s to hoping we all make it through!

(Lilly Tran) #2

A suspicious, blood-stained parka for day one! I’ve been meaning to do literally anything South Park based for a while ahah.

(Lilly Tran) #3

A dinky attempt at a(n electric) stove for day two! Played with actual lighting this time after doing only shaded and handpainted stuff for forever, wow!

(Lilly Tran) #4

A very confused little boy for day three! Back to my dumb shadeless stuff eheh.

(Lilly Tran) #5

A brightly colored albeit not-very-festive, not-fruit-cake fruit cake for day four! I’m a bit late today because I honestly took a several hour nap right after my last class today, whoops.

(Laurer1990) #6

fruity, colerfull and deeeelicious :slight_smile:

luckily todays topic is less appetizing so nobody is hungry while modeling :sweat_smile:

nice cake SheepShape

(Lilly Tran) #7

A very sad, very sick little pup for day 5! Gotta run to a presentation so not much to say this time around.

Thank you @laurer1990, really appreciate the kind words haha<3!

(Lilly Tran) #8

An eager little reindeer for day six! Super simple, but I like how she came out :smiley:

(Nomadking) #9

Super cute Reindeer <3

(Lilly Tran) #10

A very simple little rat in a very simple little plastic igloo for day seven! A bit rushed today because I had homework :'D

Thank you so much @nomadking , really appreciate it!<3

(Lorenzo Mugianesi) #11

reaaly cute models! All of them

(Lilly Tran) #12

A bit late, but a bunny with cute, albeit useless, earmuffs for day 8!

Thank you so much lorenzo.mugianesi !<3

(Lilly Tran) #13

A pony with sleigh bells for day 9! I’d absolutely love to go back in and retopologize this in the future, but for now, just a simple sculpt that took a lot longer than I’d like to admit eheh.

(Lilly Tran) #14

A very simple pinecone for day 10! Got a bit behind due to finals, but I’ll be back to regular submissions once I’m over all of them!

(Lilly Tran) #15
Day 11, almost back on track!

(Lilly Tran) #16

And caught up! :smiley:

(Lilly Tran) #17

A simple low-poly fox for day 13!

(Lilly Tran) #18

A little chimney for day 14!

(Lilly Tran) #19

A pup with a cheesy pun for day 15! My finals are finally done so hopefully, I won’t be late on submitting these anymore :'D

(Lilly Tran) #20

A bouncy gift for day 16! Learned a lot from this one, despite my internet just cutting out halfway through and me having to click random buttons in Blender until I could look up more tutorials |D