SheepShape's #3December Thread

(Laurer1990) #21

haha nice … whats in there i wonder :slight_smile:

thats on way to learn blender … random clicks on random buttons :smiley:

(Lilly Tran) #22

Day 17! Back at my mom’s house for the holidays, but tired as heck so I’m probably going to get a bit behind again haha.

(Lilly Tran) #23

Candy cane snake for day 18!

(Lilly Tran) #24

A sled! Sleigh? That one thing that I never really used because once again, California… snow… nope.

(Lilly Tran) #25

A messy owl for day 20! One more to go!

(Lilly Tran) #26

Aaaand guess who’s finally done! Although there’s a lot of models that I would love to go back to polish up, and some that I’d rather just toss completely, I feel as though this challenge as a whole was a success for me!
I’ve learned so much more about modeling and using Blender by using all these little projects as experiments, and I’m just really happy that this is an art form that I’ve taken up.