Sherman Firefly VC

(The Timeburner) #1

Greetings! TeeBee here,

Here's something I have been working on,during my free times.

Tell me what you think.

(Maxypants2010) #2

Good work. I have a question. How did you go about modelling the turret's very odd irregular shape?

(The Timeburner) #3

It was quite tricky. I had to create the base shape/silhouette and then I applied a turbosmooth modifier.I then went to a process of trial and error putting control loops to get my desired result.

Here is the turret without turbosmooth:

(Maxypants2010) #4

Nice work :slight_smile:

(Num T) #5

Nice! I needed to model one myself a while ago... it was a challenge! Here's my more simple bash at it:

(The Timeburner) #6

Thanks! Im doing this on only on my free time.So,next major update might take a week or more.

@num_t Hey,nice sculpt.Could use some more details. What program did you use for unwrapping it?

Here is some minor changes. I redid the cupola to the most common type of cupola.

(Num T) #7

A combination of ZBrush and Maya. It was a free time project for me as well (the interesting ones tend to be unfortunately!) which I used as a bit of an exercise into learning the new polygon modelling tools in ZBrush. I've got a brief making if video here: Anyway, looking forward to your next update - keep it going, it's looking awesome already!

(The Timeburner) #8

I started working on the chassis now.Took time to model and remodel the front hatches. I tried to make it as accurate as I can.

(The Timeburner) #9

Here are some more update on the model. I have remodeled some of some of parts and components to be as accurate as possible.

(The Timeburner) #10

Some updates on the back.

(The Timeburner) #11

I got some free time and enough motivation to continue modelling. Here I started on the VVSS suspension.

(The Timeburner) #12

VVSS Suspension.

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(Wolfethepioneer) #15

Really great work! Looks like the quality you'd see out of War Thunder models or something. Better, perhaps! :slight_smile:

(The Timeburner) #16

Greetings! It is done! Atleast for me.

Here are some renders:

Here is the model itself: