Shifted UVs on my new model


Im experimenting some weird troubles with my last upload when I try to setup materials, is like the UVs are shifted or moved a bit and the model show the UVs background (green part);
I´ve it setup with Marmoset and the result its fine, Ill like to upload it at sketchfab too.

¿Any idea?

Thanks in advance

Hi Daniel :wave: .

I’ve taken the liberty to take a look at your draft model (to which I have access as Sketchfab staff), and opened the .obj file you uploaded in Blender.

It seems like the original model has the flaw you mention (see screenshot below).

Depending on the original software you used to create your model, my guess would be that you have somewhere a transform being applied to your UVs (look for parameters called “UV scale”, “UV transforms” or “UV offsets”), which does not export correctly to obj.
You could try to “apply” those values, so that for instead instead of a scale of 0.98, your software sees a scale of 1.0, then re-export the model.

Otherwise, and if you have the capability to do so in your editor, could you try to upload the same model with a .fbx format ?

If you don’t manage to solve this issue with the info above, could you tell me which software you are using?

Good luck :crossed_fingers: !


Yay! Your answer reminded me that Photoshop do an offset (buggy thing on my versión I think) if you export images using “Fast PNG Export…”
I use “export for web”, or “Export as” instead, and its Ok now :slight_smile:


Hi I’m also having trouble with my texture shifting here is my upload I’ve tried adjusting stuff but the uv still doesn’t align id really appreciate any help.Minecraft Axolotl - Download Free 3D model by earthenticbotha (@earthenticbotha) [2210421] - Sketchfab

My blender render.