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(Mountaindue) #1

I spent most of yesterday trying to fix my gold material. If you zoom in real close you can see it has some weird pattern to it. I had this same problem in Marmoset as well. Only the gold or any really shiny material. However I did discover that if I use tiff 16 bit it looks beautiful. Problem with that is sketchfab doesnt allow for tiff 16 bit. Is there some other way to get around this problem?

(Nihal Rahman Nahin) #2

I Guess There Is No Alternative, Wait For The Sketchfab Devs To Put Support

Consider Baking :slight_smile:

What Software Do You Use?

(Mrchlblng) #3

Hey @mountaindue,

this is a compression issue that we are currently trying to fix (this has been reported multiple times see e.g.

To allow for faster download time, we optimize textures; we try to do this without modifying the quality but this is difficult for normal maps and we have issues so we are looking for other formats than JPG or PNG.

That being said, looking at your model without our optimized textures: there seems to be another banding issue here. However, switching to "matcap" rendering, it seems that the issue is no longer due to the normal map. Is this an intended effect?

Also note that we should support pretty much everything that is uploaded with the model (as opposed to a texture uploaded form our 3d settings editor).

(Mountaindue) #4

I use Substance Painter to bake and texture.

(Mountaindue) #5

Here is what it looks like in Marmoset with tiff 16 bit
thats the look Im going for. I will try again with tiff 16 bit uploaded zipped rather than 3d viewer.
Sketchfab is awesome and I can remember when it first come out, it has come a long way. If you guys get this fixed its icing on the cake.
O I almost forgot. Substance Painter now has 8K export,, so I even tried 8k jpeg,png 8 and 16 bit with no luck either.

(Paul Sketch) #6

We don't support 16bits normal map or 16bits heightmaps, but we noted your request.
(if you can share the 16bits files as sample for that request, that would be nice)

Meanwhile note Downsampled maps to 8bits need special downsampling to get it nicely done. I wonder if Substance Painter doesn't have an 'option' to set so that it does 8bits export instead of 16bits? (afaict 16bits support in software is scarce)

Otherwise, as downsampling heightmap is easier, if you have the heightmap, better downsample it, perhaps blur it a bit, then upload it as "bumpmap" in the sketchfab material editor. (blurring should help preventing "banding" due to loss of precision when downsampling)

(Mountaindue) #7

Hi Paul
Here are the 16bit Tiffs

Yes Substance Painter has 8 and 16 bit options even 32 bit .

I will try the blur method and see what I can do.

Thanks Chuck

(Stephomi) #8

Dithering is also a common practice when downsampling.

Here's a relevant discussions :

Looks like photoshop dithering might do the trick.



We’ve implemented an option to reprocess normal maps losslessly to avoid compression artifacts. You can find more information here: