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Show two animations at the same time

(Hdvdeargentina) #1

Hi! I made an animation with tho characters, each with its armature. I can see the animations without any problem, but only one at once. Here is the animation:

test by hdvdeargentina on Sketchfab

How can I make them play at the same time?
It's made in Blender. I only have one month of experience, maybe I'm doing something wrong.
If you need the .blend file make me know. Anyways, it's downloadable if you only need the .fbx file.
Thanks for any suggestions.

(Sensationalgames) #2

I also work in Blender, can you send me your Blender file? In Blender your animation are simultaneously or not?

(Hdvdeargentina) #3

Here is the .blend file:!DJpWxBKI!6ov7wKD8awTimNHaTas4wZAnMuQ0RFEtHozMhwgY5nw
The two characters move at the same time in this file, I used the same timeline (I'm not sure if there's more than one).

(Sensationalgames) #4

Yes I have seen it...sorry, I'm not in grade to help you :frowning:

(Sensationalgames) #5

but if you see on sketchfab this is considered how two different animation:

  • pogdan animation
  • followe action

probably it's a problem about sketchfab, I don't know how you can fix it

(Hdvdeargentina) #6

I think they are planning to support more files than .fbx for animations in the future, .blend included, maybe I just need to wait. Thanks for your time, sensationalgames ^^


For now, you'll need to make them both part of the same animation/take. Sorry, I'm not sure of any technical details to do this.