Show your work on the 3D Printshow!

(Bart) #1

Sketchfab is the official content provider of the Print Lab at the upcoming 3D Printshows in Madrid, Berlin, New York, London, California, Paris and Dubai!

We've teamed up with Ultimaker and will allow visitors to download a 3D model from Sketchfab and print it for free. You can choose from a selection of 10 models and right now I'm in the middle of picking the best candidates.

I still have a few spots left for the Berlin show and we could feature your work on our booth! Interested? Here's how to participate:

  • Submit your suggestions on this forum topic before Monday, March 2. Models should be downloadable, and properly categorized as 'Printable'.
  • Upload your models as STL files.
  • Make sure the model has a flat base and can be printed without support structures.
  • We have about 10-15 minutes to print the model, so scale it, hollow it out etc to make sure it can be done in a short time.
  • Test your work on an Ultimaker 2 (or similar), and post some pictures of the results.

We're looking for small, attractive objects for different types of visitors: 3D designers, business people, fashion people and consumers in general.

If we select your work you'll be fully credited of course, so this is a good opportunity to promote your company or services!

Enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions! I'll monitor this conversation during the weekend too.

(Zebra404) #2

If you ask to submit a model that could be printed in ten- fifteen minutes it is important tot know what resolution wil be used om the 3d-printer. Or is it possible to submit the g-code with all the presets in the file so a short print time is guaranteed?

(Bart) #3

The Ultimaker team will determine the printing parameters for each model. You can add yours to the description, of course.

(Zebra404) #4

Ok clear. Thanks. I t will be difficult for me to find a model that will be useful AND artistic enough to got picked out. Maybe it's time for a new designed object wink

(Chaitanyak) #5

hmm most of my models take forever to print the only simple ones i have are

Flat Twisted Moebius Cross by Chaitanya Krishnan on Sketchfab

and this

robohead02.obj by Chaitanya Krishnan on Sketchfab

and this one

Brain Bug by Chaitanya Krishnan on Sketchfab

(Codame) #6

Would be honored to have some ModBod3D scans from CODAME included. If printed small enough they could be done in the required time. Here's one that prints nicely without supports or raft:

Attached To Base Test by CODAME ART+TECH on Sketchfab

(Andy lewis) #7

10-15 minutes?! How about a cube?? LOL

(Bart) #8

You can do a lot in 15 minutes. The Ultimaker team does it all the time.

(Codame) #9

Another ModBod3d scan that prints great with no raft or support. I printed it 3.5cm tall on a Makerbot 2 with medium settings (.2mm layer height) in 15 minutes.

IN.SECURE Based Seven by CODAME ART+TECH on Sketchfab


(Andy lewis) #10

The Ultimaker team don't do anything else!

(Francesco Pusterla) #11


3Do it mask is by far the best model I have developed for this task:

  • it prints in 18 minutes on my makerbot (I am sure the ultimaker can take those 3 extra minute down with the right settings)

  • it's a ready to wear mask, (just add a rubber band on the back) it comes in two version Male and Female..

  • it was a great success on Thinghiverse so I am pretty sure it could work for this occasion too!

  • You can already find them on Sketchfab here (Male) and here (female)

(Francesco Pusterla) #12

also here is a picture of the complete build on the makerbot after 18 minutes from the start

(Davidefilianoti) #13

Hi all!Honestly i am not sure my model can be printed in 15 minutes (not much experience with 3d printers is my model smile

High Poly image

Apollo Sculpture by N. Bibby Print by FDF on Sketchfab


(Dumenieu) #14

I do know that my "June" is printable because I got it in full color from sculpteo

Now I converted the object to stl:
But no idea about the 15mn or more or less...
( How we could check that ????)

I am not a designer*** nor Rodin, so tell people,
if you choose/use my object that they could do the same with a small cam.
A good way to promote scanning and 3D printing.

*** I mean that virtual perfection is less interesting than starting from real

( just my amateur opinion, of course I love you guys who are modellers)

June3Dprintshow by Dumenieu Alain on Sketchfab

(Ricswika) #15

East Syriac Cross 1 by ricswika on Sketchfab

Tested down to 75%, but I'm sure you could push it down to about 50% and still get a good print, but perhaps a bit too small to be useful as a key chain.

I there is a bevel on the underside that would benefit from extruder fan after the first layer. Also make sure to use hair spray or similar and a very clean bed for good adhesion. There is plenty of area for it to stick down.

(Ricswika) #16

(Esteban Pacheco) #17

Hey Bart, here are a couple of entries for the show:

Badge 1:

Sketchfab Badge #1 - Madrid 3D Print Show by Esteban Pacheco on Sketchfab

Badge 2:

Sketchfab Badge #2 - Madrid 3D Print Show by Esteban Pacheco on Sketchfab

They are about 3+ centimeters in diameter. Hopefully that should be small enough to print quickly.
The thing on the top is there so that it can be hung on a lanyard or cord/necklace.

(Bart) #18

Hey all!

Thanks so much for contributing here! I've picked the following models based on suitability for a show and my first impressions on printability on an Ultimaker 2:

@ricswika - could you make your model downloadable please?

I'll be checking printability with the Ultimaker team now, I'll let you know how it goes!

(Ricswika) #19

Oh, done; didn't realize I had control over that. I see it now. Thanks.

(Esteban Pacheco) #20

Hey Bart,
Here's a 3rd design of the badge incorporating the Ultimaker logo on the other side:

Sketchfab Badge #3 by Esteban Pacheco on Sketchfab

It's definitely not the cleanest geometry, but I think that it should work for printing purposes.
Let me know if you need any changes, etc.