Showcase Top-Down Dual Stick Shooter Models


(Josh W Pro89) #1

Hi Sketchfab community,
after two years learning how to model an texture by myself and spending aprox. 1500 hours in blender, I decided to show my work publicly. I’m currently working on a private project, a top down dual stick shooter and made a sketchfab account to show off some models. I really like to hear your feedback :slight_smile: Every model is made in blender and textured in substance painter.

(Sam Ogon) #2

Hi. Great models. Love the green turret guy and the landing pad. Texture details are great. I’m waiting to see more :slight_smile:

(It’s not that the drone is bad. I just don’t dig drones :slight_smile: )

(Nuclear Games) #3

Your models are very great and beautiful!))) I really like that))

But just a little notes:! [05 | 657x465] (upload: //xyXRA5Bt2mHgGFcQvEqTTAVoCVS.png)
For more clearly modeling it should be better if you try to get round such mesh with triangles and try to retopo with only quads.
And textures are tooooo big))) It’s very nice for customers cause they have opportunities to decrease the resolution, but in sketchfab demo it makes too slow))
Good luck, take my Like))