Showing my latest work - Escape from the lab

Hello everyone, i wanted to share my latest creation, i know i could do better but i think i get a nice result.

Hope you can help me improve with some tips.


Yo dude this is so freaking sick man!

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Thank you! :smile:

super creative work here, like the concept. there isn’t much i can say bout it. You could maybe add a few glass shards in the air and ground to emphasize the impact of the outbreak. Scene also feels a little too dark, at least for me, maybe raise the brightness up by 0.1 or 0.2 should be ok. I also think that adding small lightbeams from her eyes would be great, which can be easily achived with a gradient texture and alpha transparency. (This is optional ->) Last but not least, you could zoom in a bit more on the robot, but from a lower angle, so that she is more centered, perhaps a slightly bit to the left from the camera. that way the focus is more on the robot, and its more clear that she is about to escape, which i believe is your intention. Other than that I think its well done. Using the depth of field filter may also be an option

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Thank you, i made some changes to the lightning, the camera angle and field of view, also add some post process effects, once i got the chance i will add some more elements to make a more impactful scene.

One curiuos thing is that this character is not an actual female, to be honest it has no gender, but it was made with that precise intention, so the viewer can decide.

I view it as a him, and in my profile i uploaded it with some animations that kind of reflect that ambiguous nature.

In the end i’m glad you like it.

I like so much the robot (I thought it was a female bot, too, mostly using that headtails :)) and it is in a interesting scene.

I agree with previous coments. The scene is a bit confusing because it has a very similar colors and light in whole image. Everything seems dark and red. That, problably is not a problem if you want to get that feeling in your scene, but in this case your great model doesn’t get the enough protagonism. I think that if you have a good model, you need (and want to do it) showing it. So, I’d give your robot a more contrast with the background, making it more emitter (blank). So I don’t think the problem is background light, but give more constrast to your main character. Maybe light it more with a light only for it, emission it, or play with the materials.

As there are a lot of red in the scene, maybe you’d want to increase robot contrast turning the red eyes into other color: green, yellow…

I’d also change the pose a bit. The arms is too close to the body, so the siluette is a bit confusing. I’d give it a more “Naruto running” pose, you know, keeping away arms from body. I’d test with the foot. Is nice the touch with toes, but I’d try to plant full foot in the floor. Or if you want a more dynamic scene, leaving the robot in the air, withour touching the floor.

I was also going to talk about the cristals, as said @TheLastAirblender, in the air, and not only static in the floor. That’d give your scene a more dynamic appearance.


Here is some of the changes I pointed, probably it shows better what I wanted to say:

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