Shredder - My graduation project in character art class

Hey, I’d like to share my latest project and collect as much feedback as I can. It’s about one ancient being, whose deep slumber was disturbed by some careless diggers - and now he’s not okay with this

I did this diorama with Sketchfab in mind, because the sound feature is totally crucial for this guy’s character (and for distracting focus from my lame textures). Though my handpaint needs improvement, I’m fine with the result for now.

Shout-out to @james - for pinpointing excess bone influences issue, which popped out just before the final upload and was quite frustrating


wow thats some good audio and animation!
Love that helmet and faceplate!
That belly mouth thing is amazing!
Only thing i’d see that could use some improving is the tentacles’s texture… some speckles… sores… scars… looks a bit too simple.


Thanks, you’ve got a solid point on tentacles!
All I can say in my defense - I’ve been making him a typical moba char, like in League of Legends or Dota/HotS, so I tried to make the texture less detailed and more readable from that camera distance and area of screen space. Only after publishing the model - it struck me I never meant to view him fullscreen. So yeah, many places should be fixed, cause they look sorta lame! I should make The Definitive Edition someday, maybe even in 4K :smiley:


that makes sense, from a LoL Dota kind of camera angle will look great!