Silent Hill - Cafe 5 to 2 (Scene Download)


(Renatoaruffo) #1

Hello everybody,

this is a little old scene I did at the beginning of last year, it was inspired the beginning scene of the first Silent Hill game, Cafe 5to2, as a big fan of horror games and specially Silent Hill, it was really fun to do.
I tried to keep everything on its own place and orientation and recreate the scene as is.
I created everything using zBrush, Maya, Substance Painter/Designer and rendered in Unity and Sketchfab.
I am releasing the download to anyone who wants to play with it. I am adding the textures download (all 512pngs).

Textures Link:

Here is a few image I did at the time in Unity 3D.

(El Roboto) #2

Awesome model, you captured all the Silent Hill mood. It would be awesome if you add a couple screamer images behind the kitchen doors! I was going slow across those doors thinking that something would be there haha.
Kudos for the fantastic work dude!