Simple Blender rigged animation fails upload process

Hi forum,

I have a simple rigged animation made in Blender that fails to work on Sketchfab and I don’t know why.

Part of the rig has follow path constraints on IK targets. Another part of the animation is done with shape keys.

The different parts of the rig are parented to an empty object that controls part of the animation.

I don’t know if this combination of having bones with constraints within an empty is causing the problem.

I’ve tried exporting the file in different formats but haven’t had any success yet. Have I set up the rig in such a way that Sketchfab can’t process? What would be the proper way to set up this simple rig?

Thank you for the help.

upload-rig-test01.blend (4.2 MB)

Path objects are autoconverted to meshobjects with 0 scale value on sketchfab, which is why a followpath constraint doesn’t work here. Most constraints are supported, but some may be buggy.

If you encounter problems the best way to solve this to bake into keyframes, with bones set to euler rotation instead quaternion ( can cause issues sometimes).

Shapekeys are supported, but from what I know is that there is only linear interpolation for now, unless they changed it. So it may look slightly different


Hi TheLastAirblender,

Thank you for helping. I tried what you suggested but still Sketchfab fails to process my file. Were you able to upload it somehow?
upload-rig-test01-euler-bones+baked-IK-tagets+baked-armature.blend (4.5 MB)

If you couldn’t upload it, you should try it now. I just tried to upload a few times, and after my fith attempt it worked.

I guess it was temporarily shut down or something…hmmm…

Also I noticed that there wasn’t any weight influence on this model, which is needed to tell how much a bone affects a part of the model

Hi, I got feedback from Dan who works at the Sketchfab Help Center. The problem was that I was using Blender 3. It works with Blender 2.9.

Thanks for the help again.


I’m glad that Dan was able to help! Once Blender 3.0 is out of Beta, we should be able to support files created with it.

No Problem! Glad to hear things got sorted out