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Since April 03: CPU 80-95% load & model moving slowed down?

(Kaadesign) #1


one problem fixed ( Backgroud flickering) one new issue generated?

Chrome usually was a little bit faster than Firefox while moving models.
Now on Chrome it is like stop motion & CPU nearly full load... Firefox works smooth.
Same issue without any background!

No big files,- it happens since yesterday to all my models.

Regards Alex

(Stephomi) #2

Hmm it's weird.

Is it the same without any background at all (fixed background and environment background disabled) ?

Do you see any differences if you add earlyZ=0 at the end of your model url?

Did you try restarting chrome (yeah I know, kind of a cheesy question :D, but with multiples opened tab cpu benchmark can be easily biased)