Skeleton animations for games WIP


(Qianqianliu) #1

I am working on some character animations for Unity asset store. the animations are designed for enemies, so they can used on zombies and undead characters. they need a lot details, like hands and face animations. Feedback is welcome.
modeled by James morgan
rigged and animated by me

Attack doge Death animations by qianqianliu on Sketchfab

skeleton Attack without weapon 1 by qianqianliu on Sketchfab

Idle Jaw drop by qianqianliu on Sketchfab

HD Shield Small A LP by js_morgan on Sketchfab

HD Sword Short A by js_morgan on Sketchfab

(Qianqianliu) #2

new animation for the new year! check out this funny dance:

Spawn animation by Freelance Animator on Sketchfab