Sketch fab 3d model viewer causing entire browser to crash

I know this bug has been resolved recently but for me its still there.
My computer is able to render things pretty well as I have a
Intel(R) Core™ i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz 3.50 GHz
Ram: 16.0 GB
RTX 3060.
So I know its not a processing problem and its not a cache problem either because I emptied it out and the bug still happened. So if you could get back to me on why this is happening or give me a solution that would be nice because at the moment I cant even download models withought the whole site freezing.

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Hi there,

Can you try going to chrome://flags, then search for “Vulkan”, if there is a flag for that turned on, turn it off and restart Chrome?

I am having the same issue, I disabled Vulkan and it is still not working, its lagging the entire page I can’t even download the model.

still crashes mate

I managed to open the F12 tools and try to capture the website data just before it hangs. It throws “Uncaught (in promise) Timeout (o) anchor:1” just before the hang.

EDIT: This morning (11/18/22) Attempted to get on again, but page was blank with this in the status area at the bottom of the page: “Waiting for