Sketch Fab on Mobile Devices


(Glanville Consultants) #1

We seem to be having problem viewing a couple of our models on Mobile devices.
We have loaded 3 Models 2 of them get stuck "Loading 3D Model" i'm wondering if it is to do with the amount of Faces and Vertices.
It that a maximum number a model can have?

I have tried Apple and Android Devices and have tried the MS Surface no of these devices will load the same 2 model.

Does anyone have any advice please.

(Bart) #2

Can you share the URLs of these models so we can investigate? (or message me personally if the models are private). Performance on mobile devices is not only a matter of the number of vertices - it's a combination of scene complexity (vertex/face count and the number of separate models), animation, bones and an important one: the number of texture maps that you use!

Without further information it's impossible to determine what's the cause in this particular case though, so please do share those links.