[SKETCHBOOK] Christoph "The Stoff"


(theStoff) #1

Probably should of started one of these a while ago but here's a place where I'll post some, art, process work, game dev stuff etc. For now though I'll just post some of the work I've done :slight_smile:

(theStoff) #2

Finished another character and added it to sketchfab :slight_smile:. This is based of Undyne from Undertale.

I've recorded some of the process so if anyone wants to know how I did anything let me know. That way I can add some commentary to the video :slight_smile:.

I also made a comic for fun!


Love the comic, adds a bit of a story to her

(theStoff) #4

Thanks, I've never put a character in the context of a story so it was a fun learning experience :smile:

(theStoff) #5

Another realism study!

(theStoff) #6

The next character I've been working on:

designed by this guy: https://www.artstation.com/artist/norsechowder