[SKETCHBOOK] Darkminaz


(Dark Minaz) #1

Heyo, i am darkminaz / alex meister, one of the sketchfab masters.
Since i switch my plans on a rather dayli basis i figured id start a sketchbook as well.
I tend to work on whatever i find interesting at any given time, so some of my works might take quite a while till they get done

My current project is this one, cyborg snake girl (offical start 2011)

Thanks to @chaitanyak i changed it from cyborg to cyborg snake idea.

i did finish her sci-fi sword (https://sketchfab.com/dark-minaz/models)
and i did start with her bow

but then coudn't find a good idea for how to make it more "sci-fi" so i went and made some more swords .. and a pocket watch .. and a majin buu ..

currently got around 5 different project ideas, so i might do some other things first before i go back to this one :smile:
2 anime related, 1 super amazing (well maybe not that amazing) tutorial, and 2 contest ideas


(Chaitanyak) #2

heh ya i thought i'd see more anime or pokemon here

(Dark Minaz) #3

i did finish all of them ^^ i do have some in my "to do list" but those re just anime chapter pages i did download for reference.

i tend to just start and finish those models in one go :smile:
i do plan to model hitsugaya - bleach though, but i probably start with the artstation contest for the next 3 days until i get to that model :smile:

(Dark Minaz) #4

this was my original concept.

that kinda changed to this.

bit more things changed

turrets change :wink: because turrets are important

and my final in iray

Project: Red Storm, Desert Train by dark-minaz on Sketchfab

(Simon Kratz) #5

Really love how this turned out :smile:
Wish you luck witht he contest!

(Dark Minaz) #6

thanks :stuck_out_tongue: yeah me2, didn't expect it to look that good in 3days without a real concept painting to go along with or something.
did cheat slightly with the auto uv's though, but since most of it is single colors it doesn't really matter that much as it turns out.

Really happy that i did finish something for it, just as a personal milestone of "hey i did something that i can be proud of for a big contest"

(Nomadking) #7

Your Desert Train has come out great - the mix of traditional 'train features' and future tech could have gone bad, but you've managed it, and the end result works well. Good job :smile:

(Dark Minaz) #8

thanks, quite often it becomes steampunk, what isn't really sci-fi, so i wanted to avoid that at all costs. Still a few things i am not 100% happy with where i would rather use some older parts (in the areas you can't see in the render shot, so i kinda didn't do them). + a few chains that i somehow totally forgot for no reason until now ..

Was one of those "in my brain it looks fine" let's just do it things. Where i didn't quite know how it would end up, what really helped to slowly build it up, so it won't look to much high tech or to much old train.
I am glad i finally have mostly the skill to back up my brain's ideas^^

(Dark Minaz) #9

After i did fix a bit on my car yesterday i realized i never did a bike .. what is odd since in rl i own one.

So i figured id start modeling one. Still early look but some people might already know where this is going :smiley:

moar parts ^^ bikes got so many little details :smiley:

and last update for today :smile:

day 2 Cable management .. + more cablez .. + more .. xD

"done", with the basics, now fiddle with the lights in the front and back and then export and texture it :smiley:

(Dark Minaz) #10

And the final

Motorbike by dark-minaz on Sketchfab

(Simon Kratz) #11

Loved following the progress of that one, really nice job! :smile:

(Chaitanyak) #12

oh just realised you have double discbreaks on that bike!!
the textures are mostly there.. the front mudguard/fender is a bit.. odd looking.. maybe it needs a chamfered edge

(Chaitanyak) #13

also heres some inspiration for your cybernetic snake woman model

just remembered Ray Harryhausan's old claymation character

more on how iconic his creation turned out to be for pop culture

(Dark Minaz) #14

yeah i am currently enhancing my bike a bit and giving it a overall scene.
and sure i have breaks, connected by a cable so it would work :smile: safety first and stuff haha

some parts just need a bit smoothing, initially planed it but somehow totally didn't do it in the end because i think i just forgot xD

Motorbike, Parked in Scene by dark-minaz on Sketchfab

now it should be a bit better :smile:

(Dark Minaz) #15

warhammer time baby :stuck_out_tongue:
figured id do a gun before i start with my cute furry model, also i had a few hours to spare today

(Dark Minaz) #16

Warhammer Skullgun by dark-minaz on Sketchfab

(Dark Minaz) #17

classics :smiley:

Street fighter 2 Arcade by dark-minaz on Sketchfab

(The Timeburner) #18

Hey! these are great,especially the arcade!

Im eager to learn how you work. What process do you do to unwrap and texture these models?

(Dark Minaz) #19

i am currently in the process of writing a tutorial for the uv's in 3d coat (the middle image)
and then textures in substance.

(The Timeburner) #20

Looking forward to that!