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(Dennispls) #1

Hey guys,

First post on this forum here. I thought I'd make a single thread with all the handpainted stuff I do.
Would be nice to share this with you all and receive some feedback as well.

My latest three submissions can be found here.

I will try to keep this thread updated as I create new stuff.

(Simon Kratz) #2

Hi @dennispls and welcome!
Really nice work, your interpretation of the hand painted style looks very professional!
For a while now we have a concept of sketchbooks here on the forum where artists show all of their (random) work. If hand painted texturing is your profession and you do a lot of things in this style maybe you wanna think about renaming this topic to [SKETCHBOOK] so that people find this topic easier when they're browsing sketchbooks of other artists here :slight_smile:

(Dennispls) #3

Hello Essimoon. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I wasn't sure what to call it but I guess Sketchbook would work as well. I will change this:)

(Dennispls) #4

Hello again,

Working on something new. Something I would like some feedback for.
The wood is still under construction and im not entirely happy about it.

Wooden Spike by Dennispls on Sketchfab

(Nomadking) #5

I like the wood texture so far, I think the only thing that makes it look a little odd is the lack of geometry change (hard edge or significant angle change) when it reaches the carved / sharpened part. The end result comes out a bit flat, which undermines the nice depth you've put into the grain work.

PS: Great work on the other weapons, I really love the sword! :slight_smile:

(Dennispls) #6

Thanks Nomadking! Yeah I will most likely add some geometry to this part to differentiate the chopped part from the rest and make some parts stick out a bit more.

(Dark Minaz) #7

The warglave and the ropesword are great, really nice detailing.
i think you could enhance it even more with a few little parts that extend the textures (like the rope end) or parts of the spike go out.
But overall it's a nice collection so far :slight_smile:

(Dennispls) #8

Thanks Dark_Minaz! I see what you mean with the rope ends. You are right it would be cool to have a rope end dangle around. This is definitely something I will look into when creating new stuff that has ropes. good call.

(The Timeburner) #9

Great work! I like how textures can make a drastic amount of difference in model quality. I want to learn this.

(Dennispls) #10

Thanks Timeburner! I have adjusted the model and texture of the wooden spike again. The updated version has been uploaded to Sketchfab. Gonna make one more variant of this with a metal ring on it.

(Dennispls) #11

Got some more stuff I have been working on.

A Tent that was a collaboration with someone else. He did the wood I did the cloth.

And a dummy target.

(Michał Orzechowski) #12

Great modeling and texturing. Inspiring stuff!

(Dennispls) #13

Working on a melee variant of a target dummy. This time one that is filled with straw.

(Dennispls) #14

It has been a while since I posted some stuff. Here are some more recent addition. Please let me know what you think!

(Dennispls) #15

Hello all,

I have started working on something new based on concept art a friend of mine did.
It is still at the base of the texturing work and as someone requested I will add a small breakdown of my process.

Here are the first few images of that breakdown. I will add the other stages once I have more.

(Dennispls) #16

I've been able to work on this some more. Here are two more steps.
The current detailing step is a huge jump in terms of looks between step 6 and 7. It was nearl impossible to screenshot all the stages I went through.
In this stage I usually go all over the place and never focus too much on one area.

Let me know your thoughts/crits.

(Dennispls) #17

Hello all,

Back with something new. Decided to go for a fan art of League of Legends. I used a concept I found online. Here is what I have so far. The crystal is still a work in progress.

(Dennispls) #18

Calling this done:

(Chaitanyak) #19

looks so good!

(Nomadking) #20

Looks great! :slight_smile: