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(Simon Kratz) #1

Hi fellow Sketchfabers!
I'm joining the fun of @han's Sketchbook idea and gonna post all kinds of experiments, WiPs and anything else that I produce here. I'm always trying to present my final pieces of work with a Sketchfab upload so this place will hopefully be a little bit of an insight in my process of creation, too :smile:
Hope you have fun checking this topic out!

(Simon Kratz) #2

I'm currently digging into modular architectural environments.

For this I'm building a tileset of pillars, stars, wall and floor pieces and gonna try to build various interiors and exteriors with it :smiley:

Here's a first progress of the pillars.

Currently my set contains 23 low poly dummy meshes that I'm gonna turn in to real models over the next few weeks. Not sure what I'm gonna do next, though.

(Chaitanyak) #3

Can you post a wireframe screenshot of these pillars? I remember doing this exercise with pillars years back :smile: at another forum

(Simon Kratz) #4

Hi @chaitanyak!
No wirframe available, yet. I started with a high poly sculpt in Zbrush but gonna retopo these soon :smile:
Also nice exercise! Did you finish your project?

(Vandam1989) #5

Looks good so far, would like to see your retopo and bake downs!

(Simon Kratz) #6

You will! :smile: Thx @vandam1989!

(Chaitanyak) #7

heh no that was something i was doing in 2006.. i was just learning 3ds max.. and had no idea how to uv unwrap anything..
eventually won 3rd prize a few challenges later. was a nice forum, should go back and see whats happening. I stopped frequenting it once i switched to Blender.. were not enough blender specific topics there.

(Simon Kratz) #8

More Zbrush fun!
Made an arc to fit those pillars. I'm still not in the mood to retopo these things though :smiley:
Maybe gonna do a couple of more assets, see how they work together, then start retopo.

Probably also gonna do one big texture atlas for performance reasons.

(Simon Kratz) #9

And here are some stairs :smile:

In case anyone is wondering about the colors variations for the tiles:
That's just for masking purposes. I wanted to do different variations for the stoney assets but in the end those will probably be far less remarkable than in this screenshot.

(Simon Kratz) #10

More updates:
Tried some motion elements this time:

A curtain and fire :smile:
Also checked how well they went inside the Sketchfab viewer. Worked perfectly.

(Dark Minaz) #11

i see clipping :smiley:
but the fire looks nice, can you elaborate on that a bit? for the glory of the sun god and well for things where id probably use it.

(Simon Kratz) #12

Haha yeah xP I just fixed the clipping with the curtain, you have good eyes! :smile:
The fire is done with morph targets / blend shapes. I used the same method as for the fountain I made.
An outer mesh with inverted normals and high transparency and an inner one with normal normals (hehe...) and a bit more opacity.
The rest did the bloom :smile:
I'm just experimenting with a particle based approach to make fire but not sure what's better in terms of performance on Sketchfab.
Maybe gonna ping @james or @stephomi for a performance suggestion about that :stuck_out_tongue:
The particles would be baked to objects but it'll probably need quite a bunch of animated objects then. Maybe morph targets are better?

(Stephomi) #13

it depends of polycount of the object, number of objects, number of morph animated at the same times, etc..

For morph targets the keypoint is to stay under 4 targets animated simultaneously (you can have an animation with >4 targets but if on a particular frame more that 4 targets are used, the excess targets will be handled by the cpu)

(Dark Minaz) #14

okay, ill try out some things too, planes animation vs maya "make fire" vs bifrost
Kinda curious now how far webgraphics can go.

I mean i was amazed how smooth my big ass train got handled with the 5x4k maps.
So a hurricane lightning firestorm might be running quite smooth as well :smile:

So onward to a little field test mode :wink:
- some men just want to see the world burn -

(Simon Kratz) #15

Nice! Thanks for the in-depth explanation! So if I have a morph target animated object with 10 different targets, but only 3 are animated simultaneously then that's done by the gpu?

And how about regular object based animations? Are they always done by the gpu or is there a limit as well when it switches to cpu?

(Stephomi) #16

^That's the idea, though to be more precise it can handle your base vertices and 4 additional targets (so, 5 if you count the base vertices).

Technically I compare the morph weight with an epsilon (~0) to decide if a morph should be used or not.
Here's another answer I gave a while back

If you decide on using many targets beware of the weight interpolation. For example let's say you have keyframe "1" with morph 1/2/3/4 and then keyframe "2" with morph 5/6/7/8.
You might think "well it's ok", but during the interpolation between the 2 keyframes you might have a state with all the morphs active.

For "solid animation" (so basically just matrixes in the graph that are animated) and rig/bones, the model is always deformed in the gpu.

It's important to keep the graph as minimal as possible, graph with many many nodes can be terrible for performances (hopefully we'll improve somedays).

However there's a limit of bones that you can use per geometry. It depends of the devices and we don't have fallback currently (so it will display a skeleton).
Typically the worst case is iOS with a limit ~35 bones.
The culprit is -> "Max Vertex Uniform Vectors", divide the number by 3 and you have an approximate of maximums bones per geometry.

(Han) #17

the animated stuff is lovely

(Simon Kratz) #18

Wow now that's even more in-depth, thx! :smiley:
Now I'm really eager to try some experimenting and see how they perform!
Also thx @han, gonna upload my particle based approach soon :smile:

(Simon Kratz) #19

Here's the particle based approach in a quick Sketchfab setup.
I also managed to make it loopable (not in the gif, yet) :smile:

It's a bit different in terms of style, not sure what to got for in the end but both approaches sure are interesting!

(Simon Kratz) #20

More things!
A wall piece (open to let light come in) and a little pillar base thing. :smile:

Gonna try to test the fire on a larger scale in Sketchfab next.