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(Han) #1

Hello !

welcome to my sketchbook
I ll post wips and random doodles here
it's a sketchbook so everything is welcome here ;D
i hope this gives you guys a bit of an idea in my progress when I work on stuff

I usually only upload to sketchfab when something is 100% finished
otherwise peopel get an email "hey Hannes posted a model" and they look and think 'what is this shit ?' Q__Q

You can find my sketchfab account here
i also have artstation facebook twitter etc etc its all hannesdelbeke feel free to friend me :smile:

and if you have any questions feel free to ask

(Han) #2

lets kick off with some quick 2d studies. about an hour each

last week i made a little planet in unity with some custom shading etc for a small game with some friends
might go back to that and polish the art up if i find the time :smiley:

and atm working on a handpainted weapon so i can test out 3d coat
streaming my progress atm

based on a concept of maxdavenport
check out his work!

(Johnson Martin) #3

I really love the 2d sketches. The style is great.

(Nomadking) #4

+1 to liking the 2D sketches. The rough style almost looks like something you would do on canvas with a palette knife :smile: Did you work from photographs for these?

Bookmarking your twitch to watch some of that gorgeous hand painting in action. How are you finding 3D coat so far? Did you work purely in Photoshop before?

... end of interrogation! :wink:

(Han) #5

the 2d is from ref
i use it to train myself on color and proportions
put both of them next each other and draw till it looks similar
also dont use colorpicking or grids to train your eye more :stuck_out_tongue:
and i like to keep it rough so i keep working on the whole picture and dont lose myself in detail
i really love those old masters that could do those super rough paintings with amazing color and light

on my twitch you can actually see me using 3d coat for the first time ^^
i even had to browse to look up certain stuff
its very nice but needs some getting used to atm
i ll see if i can talk to some people on sketchfab that have used it
i watched 1 tutorial but didnt helped a lot
think googlng for specific things i need works best for me (ex what is shortkey for colorpick. how do i disable this. how do i enable emissive)
but most stuff i found today by accident :smiley:

the most annoying thing so far is
-if i paint white on white i cant see my brushsize because the brush gizmo/cursor is also white
-when i colorpick using V i often leave a dot of paint behind
-colorpicking sometimes doesnt work correctly at certain angles

some cool stuff i found out is
-you can set a layer as emmisive and its easier to paint handpaint stuff
-you can lock your layers normal opacity to 0. so he stops drawing normal maps on top of your model
-right click on a layer to set height to zero aka remove normal map and set gloss to zero aka remove glossy random stuff

its been a adventure and productive weekend so far :smiley: 15 hours into it atm taking my sweet time.

current progress on the weapon
atm i started texturing it. and found a way to store the reference in 3d coat and easy colorpick from it
once i finish copying the colours closely fro mthe ref i ll probably will go over it doing my own pass. i find myself often sticking to close to the ref trying to imitate the style to exact. which in 3d isnt always the best solution

current work in progress

(Hatty) #6

Wow, this looks great! I'm on my phone and it's silly sometimes so forgive me please if you have already mentioned it, but what program do you use to make your textures ?
That looks fantastic!

Good job! 😍💜

(Han) #7

i use 3d coat

and modelled (yay) and uv-d (uugh xD) it in maya

(Dark Minaz) #8

why not uv'd it in 3d coat? so much simpler :smile:
really need to finish my tutorial it seems.

(Han) #9

dont know :smiley:
hadnt even thought of that

(Han) #10

lunchpaint study 40mins

(Han) #11

40 min lunchpaint

(Han) #12

lunchpaint 1h

(Simon Kratz) #13

Love those lunchpaints! :smiley: More pls!

(Catilaporte) #14

wow! awesome! Wonderful clouds!

(Nomadking) #15

One of these days you're going to paint your actual lunch as a lunch painting... and it will still be as awesome :wink:

(Han) #16

update on the axe

(Dark Minaz) #17

looks more like the pope's healing staff of eternal salvation. rather than an axe, maybe the fact that the sides don't look really deadly is the cause.
i do like it, just not as an axe^^

(Han) #18

i d love to see the pope walking around with one of these xD

(Dark Minaz) #19

yeah me2, would make it slightly more interesting. Just seeing an old man walking around with a giant staff, booping people on the head with the words "be blessed my child"

(Han) #20

worked on the axe yesterday. found out i lost some work cause sketchfab didnt save my texture Q__Q