[SKETCHBOOK] joseguilherme

(José Guilherme) #1

Hi everyone,

I decided to start my sketchbook here, since Sketchfab has been such a great community and source to learn I want to be part of that anyhow.

So, feel free to come say hello, drop some ideas, let's have fun!

you can find my sketchfab acount here

(José Guilherme) #2

I'm just trying out the plugin for zbrush and love it!

Red Girl
by joseguilherme
on Sketchfab

Red Girl by joseguilherme on Sketchfab

(José Guilherme) #3


Finish up this lowpoly version of Johnny.

Johnny! by joseguilherme on Sketchfab

I used Zbrush, 3d Coat and Max for retopo+uvs and Substance Painter for the texture maps

Original concept by Andrew Chesworth (www.andrewchesworth.com)

Hope you guys enjoy it :relaxed:

(José Guilherme) #4

I'd like to add some beauty shots

This one is from Keyshot

And Zbrush screen grab as well

(Nomadking) #5

Your character models have a really great style to them. Great job!

(José Guilherme) #6

wow @nomadking Many thanks man your work is very inspiring :grinning:

(José Guilherme) #7


Not lowpoly but want to share what I did based on the Caroline Mascarenhas concept.
Check it out the concept - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/D5JGA

(Han) #8

love your sculpts
the presentation in keyshot is lovely

(José Guilherme) #9

Thank you @han! I love you models and sketches.