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Doing more research on Insect predators for my Shrimptank project.
Heres a nice little predator that will rip apart and eat all your shrimp and fish if you dont pay attention.
It`s part of a series of Aquarium Inhabitants.

Anax Imperator is kind of like the Boss compared to other dragonflies. :smiley:

(Ndrakey) #2

This one doesnt belong into a shrimptank but had to model it, as things can get pretty boring when you work on one single object for hours.

This time I felt that I had to do a bulldog ant. It has different scientific names. Ill stick with Myrmecia pavida I guess.

Hope you like it.

(Dark Minaz) #3

When i read dragon-fly-nymph i somehow imagined a little dragon girl .. not a bug :smiley:
while on one side i get this big urge to smash those models with the power of a thousand suns, i think they are really well made.
you really capture the creepy looks of them (at least the one that i know from books)

What you could improve is to break the symmetry a bit and pose them slightly. That just gives it an instantly more "realistic" feeling :slight_smile:

(Ndrakey) #4

yeah, I like nymphos too ^^.

Im a fan of that lee perry smith guy who has his face all over the internet. What he does is basically create a symmetrical model and then break it by applying it to a facescan for example.

This approach is kind of hard for me as I never manage to finish my stuff :o)
But his models in the first run are always fully symmetrical.
Basically everything I have done so far is WIP and i guess it will always be.

I tend to sometimes work on two different versions of a leg for example. and then take the one that looks better and mirror it to the other side. So I always lose my "asymmetry". Maybe I should try getting a asymmetric look though

(Dark Minaz) #5

ah that's to bad, id love to see one that is finished, with some little hair, some saliva and co. like one of those "burn it with fire" images :smiley:
but i guess then symmetry makes sense, since breaking it off is mostly at the point when you are done. I work the same way, delete half the model, finish it, mirror x. - setup rig - pose it :smiley:
but they look really cool so far.

Do you just plan on making bugs or more animals to the mix?

(Ndrakey) #6

The hardest task for me personally is trying not to lose interest on certain models. Maybe you know that phenomenon.
You do stuff, work on it for hours and realize: I dont like it. And then you just put it aside to never look at it again. ^^

Also I havent figured out yet how to texture my stuff. I always end up with dozens of Parts instead of one solid mesh.
Makes it kind of hard to even try to do UV work.

Id love to do other animals but I like that alien look of small insects. Havent found interesting animals to work on yet :).
Could do some Fishes in the future. Sealife really turns me on at the moment :D. Have you ever seen highres pictures of asselota? You would never want to model anything different again :D. I think Im still in the process of learning insect anatomy.

(Dark Minaz) #7

if you got dozens of parts, just export them, combine them to 1, create uv's :slight_smile: that works for me all the time.
ID be willing to give it a shot if you like, to see how it looks with some textures.

(Ndrakey) #8

sure, we can do a collab on the ant if you like. Just have to figure out where to upload the model.

(Ndrakey) #9

Another Sea Drifter I had in my mind for months.
Finally started modeling.

This is a rough blockout of a Mantis Shrimp Larva. Hope I will manage to find some valuable reference for it on the web.

Let`s call it juvenile Shrimp Larva 01 of 100 :smiley:

I guess i will have to model the adult one first, to know where all the parts are sitting.

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #10

You really but really need to work on mesh topology and loops flow. Now models look ok but from far far away. From close up you see mesh breakdowns where you have multi edge vertices.
- rule one never do 5 edge vertexes ( poly modeling)

(Ndrakey) #11

Heres another concept I did.
I think that I dont like how it came out.
Maybe i will start from scratch.

Its an adult Mantis Shrimp, based on another 3d Model.
Figured out too late that anatomically it wasnt too accurate.


(Ndrakey) #12

And heres an newer version of the weaver ant I blocked out a while ago.
Still a lot of work to do.

(Ndrakey) #13

Hey Krysztof, thank you for your feedback.
I tend to be sloppy when blocking out shapes, I think at this early stage its more important to keep an eye on proportions rather than edgeflow. Most of the shapes are placeholders anyways.

I got used to this workflow as it gives speed to the modeling process. Maybe my approach is not the smartest :slight_smile:

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(Ndrakey) #15

This is a Render of a few Models I did a while ago.

(Ndrakey) #16

I sometimes tend to model things that are located on my desk.
This time a Fritzbox Fon (telephone):

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(Ndrakey) #20

An Iphone 6s Stand redesign for 3d Printing.