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Hello there. My name is Omari McCord. I like to sculpt digitally and work on game models.

I can do breakdowns on projects if requested. Stop by and comment, and I hope you enjoy.

This is a pin-up I finished, inspired by one of George Petty's classic paintings.
All models were sculpted and zModeled with Zbrush, maps and were made there too, painted the eyes, hair, and skin there aswell. The materials and rest of the materials were made with substance painter 2 and photoshop. Was alot of fun to make... I am probably gonna make another one xD.

[BREAKDOWN] Lvl 99 Hell Maiden
(Omari McCord) #2

Had some fun making this one. Hope you enjoy!

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(Ndrakey) #4

scarlett johansson ?
The Lips remind me of her :smiley:

(Omari McCord) #6

Opps, didnt click the correct "edit post button", but yeah, I did not see that before, she kinda does lol. Her face is derived mainly with some proportional checks from references towards the final stages of sculpting her face.

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(Omari McCord) #8

I worked on this one again, because it was a needle in my brain. It was an experimental model where I tried some stuff with textures and had a ton of fun making the bike. I looked at it again today and felt it needed some tweaks to make it better.

Hope you enjoy it :]

(Vrhuman) #9

Awesome stuff! Bookmarked and waiting for more :smiley:

(Omari McCord) #10

This is the first environment set I have tried in this fashion, where you cube out an idea.
I am planning more on the horizon.