Sketchfab 3D Modeling Challenge: Mechanical Animals


(Nebulousflynn) #1

Happy New Year! For our first challenge of 2019, we invite you to model a mechanical animal. Will it be insect, mammal, fish, bird, or something else entirely? The animal world is your oyster (mechanical oyster?).

For full prize and rule details be sure to read the blog post:

(Shaka Zl) #2

Saw that one of the rules was posting here about working on the challenge. In this thread, or making new ones? Forum interface is a bit confusing. Sorry, it’s my first post here.

(Nebulousflynn) #3

Hi @shaka.zl and welcome to the forums!

To enter, you just need to upload your model with the correct tag (#MechAnimalChallenge) - posting on the forum is optional.

Post your final entry(s) here for people to see / give feedback.

However, if you want to share a lot of work-in-progress updates then I suggest you create another thread. You can always drop a link to that here so people see it.