Sketchfab 3D Modeling Challenge: Memes

(Michael Nixon) #25

Thankfully i manged to get it finished early enough. I ended up doing a bit more work on the nose and mouth because they were looking a bit average, also fixed the eye (it didnt look great before). I also tried adding a bit more contrast to the fur to make it read a bit better. Probably rushed the UV’s a bit, could have had the head a bit larger for more detail, but you live and you learn.

(Hl2mapper92) #26

Me Gusta

(Some Guy) #27

made a good ol Smug Dancin meme for this challenge

(Hl2mapper92) #28


(Mmkh) #29

Hello, I just noticed this challenge today, and it so happens that I actually created a 3D character according to a meme last month for a personal project. Can I still add it to the challenge? :slight_smile:

It is based on the Saitama “OK” meme:

Here is the entry:

(Lishard4) #30

I feel identified with this …

(Labrattish) #31

Picked a meme that always makes me laugh. It’s originally in Russian and basically boils down to “Beep Beep, your Uber’s here.” I call it MOOber for short.

(David Caturegli) #32

I think I ask myself too much questions…

(Bryceporter96) #33

I’ve made a gender swapped version of Pepe.

(Ostapblendercg) #34

Yay, I made it! [SOUND]

(3levan) #35

Im always late to the party and never finish.
I am make creepy garfield

(19kath98) #36

Here’s my submission

That’s just me everyday :pleading_face: :joy:

Distracted Modeler

(Mikhael B) #37

My Model doesn’t seem to be going to the result page when I look up #memechallenge. Can someone help me out? I made ‘creepy garfield’.

(3levan) #38

Ah someone else did a creepy garfield. I was too slow :stuck_out_tongue:

(Galaxiuu) #39

heres mine! i almost forgot to post it here ^^

(3levan) #40

hah you captured the smug face perfectly

(Mikhael B) #41

That looks absolutely amazing dude. How were you able to match the drawing so well?

(Kotbfg) #42

Pfew… nearly made it!

(Abby Crawford) #43

We had a blast viewing and judging your entries - great job everyone! Keep up the good work.

And the winner is...

This is Fine. by @msanjurj

Here’s what the judges had to say about it:

“Really like the animation used here, it’s quite cute. Also relatable.” - Jonathan

“Executed incredibly well, the stop motion style of animation fit really well with the overall look of this meme! And great attention to detail, like the animated reflection of the flame in the eyes.” - Phil

“This is fine. - The life of every artist when you import something with errors.” - Rik

“Beautiful! All the essence of the meme in this very nicely done 2.5D animated! I call that a win!” - Geoffrey

“The meme of memes ;-)” - Mieke

(3levan) #44

Thanks! I just eyeballed it… i tried to record me making it but messed up the beginning and ends a bit but you can see most of it here: