Sketchfab 3D Scan Challenge: Something Small


If it’s small and catches your eye – give it a scan! Critique, comments, WIPs, and final scans here for this photogrammetry challenge!

TL;DR: Scan something small using your favourite scanning method, upload it to Sketchfab and tag it #SmallThingsChallenge.

Read the full details on the blog.

(Vlad) #2

No announce and prizes? :neutral_face:

(Bart) #3

Whoops! I've added a link to the blog post.

(Nedo) #4

i need to find a macro lens first! :wink:

(Davijo Man) #5

Hmmm, interesting theme. I'll have to give it some thought. Currently finishing off another piece so I'll get on it once I'm done! :slight_smile:

(Watch It Shaun) #6

Challenge accepted!!

(Pepetrucci) #7

Interesting challenge! How small are we talking about? Would a 2-3cm object be an acceptable choice? I'm thinking about a pendant or small figurine...

(Skyeshark) #8

Okay! I did something really weird for this --- I actually made a scene that is simultaneously an entry for both this challenge and the fluid simulation challenge! O: --- The item I scanned was a small 2-3 inch stuffed animal keychain of a shark that says "Tampa" on one side..... I'm not sure if the staff will accept this for either of the challenges, but its worth a shot and it was a fun weird new thing to do:

(Nzo3d) #9

J'ai posté mon escargot brut et non retouché.
Et aussi un orvet éventré
L'escargot provient du même endroit, pour avoir une idée de la taille, j'ai déposé 2 pièces de 5 centimes.
Une mouche écrasée est en préparation...

(Strawdan) #10

I have multiple scans for this contest. A few are Beetle, popcorn, and small mechwarrior figurines. Check them out below :smile: most are below 2cm tall. Check their description for more accurate dimensions

(Gerpho) #11

Here's my contribution to this challenge.
It's the exoskeleton, or exuvia of a Cicada after the moult. It has the exact shape of the insect, but there's a slit on the top where the adult insect emerged from. Fascinating process, fascinating result. The whole thing is 2 to 3 cm in length and is completely hollow.

Quite horrible when seen close enough.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :heart_eyes:

(Nebulousflynn) #12

Re-posting tips from @gerpho on how he captured his cicada casing on forum as I think others may be interested:

Here are a few main tips :

  • use a macro lens with smallest possible aperture (I used a Nikkor 60mm macro at ... f:45 !) This gives maximum depth of field

  • manual focusing

  • then of course you need a stable tripod, to withstand exposure times of several seconds

  • put the thing on a turntable, with clean white background and make many shots per revolution (I made it 30/rev) at an angle (60°w/r rotation axis)

  • turn it over and start again (I did 4 such sequences)

  • all the time, try to avoid reflexions, with appropriate masks (hands are great for this)

Once all is over, use your favourite 3D software to assemble the whole thing

If it doesn't work you can still make more series, if the background is white the new shots should fit with the previous ones

Last tip : try and try again, you'll gain experience every time

(Pepetrucci) #13

Wow! thanks for the tips. I was just wondering how did @gerpho achieved such detail. Awesome work!

(Engine9) #14

Ok! Started.

(Mantas T) #15

Hope its not too late. Just boght 1 month or reality capture for 11 eu on steam. that a 1 try :slight_smile:

(Artec3d) #16


I've uploaded my models.
Here are the Blood Rage board game miniatures and dice.

(Engine9) #17

(Nebulousflynn) #18

Great work Everyone!

The challenge is now closed and the judges will be selecting the winner this week, announced on Friday.

(Nebulousflynn) #19

:medal:Announcing Winner of the Small Things Challenge!:medal:

We concentrated ... and focused ... and used a pair of precisioin tweezers to pick the winner of this month's 3D scan challenge!

Winning scan: Exoskeleton of a Cicada (mue de Cigale) by Gerpho

Honourable mentions:

We hope you all enjoyed the challenge!


Congrats to all! Lovely detailed work!