Sketchfab/Altizure compatibility

(Tericket) #1

I created a model using Altizure, and I am wanting to upload it to Sketchfab. The file comes in a .Zip and a .kmz file. I have tried uploading both and keep getting an error 20, and one time I got an error 60. Is it possible to get this model uploading to sketchfab? It is a good quality model and should be able to covert over to the website. If not, is there anyway that I can transfer it to some other software that will convert it over to sketchfab? Thank you.

(Mrchlblng) #2

@tericket I just look at your uploads and the altizure data exported seems to be the culprit:

  • in the case of your kmz uploads, the file is not a valid kmz; at least it cannot be unzipped and that's the issue (see kmz spec).
  • in the case of the obj uploads, the archive contains 1734 obj/mtl/jpg files! sketchfab will only try to load the first OBJ it finds (we have some ways to concatenate OBJs though) but then tries to process all 1734 images which just timeouts. If possible, you need to merge all those meshes/textures into a single mesh/texture as it would hurt performance otherwise (we do not build atlases automatically at the moment).

I'm not familiar with Altizure so I can't tell if my feedback is useful. Maybe meshlab could help with your OBJ sample.