Sketchfab and vbulletin 5

(Lesbear) #1

I have a vbulletin board and wanted to show models, but i can´t get it to stream.
Do someone know if a plugin exsist or a other way to do this? my version is vbulletin 5, 5.4.2

Thanks in advance



We have a plugin. It was built for v4 so I don’t know if it will work in v5.

(Lesbear) #3

Yes i see this one for version 4, but is not compatible, need to have for vbulletin 5 , v.5.4.2
I hope someone can make one…


(Lesbear) #4

Ok, fixed
Only need to do this then function:

Title: Sketchfab 3D
BB Code Tag Name: sketchfab
Example: [sketchfab]0351105cddbd446da3ecb5271d1b86f0[/sketchfab]
Use {option}: No
Leave default value in all other fields

I dont know, but the replacement code dont show after saving…


Sorry, not sure I understand.

(Lesbear) #6

What is it you dont understand?

What i did was how to add bb code to your vbulletin 5 forum…
But when i want to paste the Replacement code here on sketchfab forum, then i cant see that code anymore…
How do i add a code on this forum so people can see it?


is the code format not working?

indent preformatted text by 4 spaces